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Project Management Services:

AI Project Timeline

AI Project Resource Planning

Rapid AI Knowledge Base Development

AI Buffalo Programming

AI Self Learning Programming Objects

AI Project Deployment &- Execution

Program Management Services:

AI Detailed Resource Planning 

AI Gap Assessment(s)

AI Enterprise Roadmap

AI Repeatable & Reusable Methods

AI Templates, & Frameworks

AI Train the Trainer Methodology

AI Project Success Metrics


IOSD partners with our clients and forge a combined effort that sets the stage for their success.  We provide our clients with guidance, expertise and resources to ensure the strength of their teams, alignment of their goals and delivery of thriving projects. 

Our individual and team-based services augment your current teams and collaboratively work to implement a cohesive set of policies, procedures and controls. 

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Large Scale Systems Services Include:

AI Work Load Management

Artificial Intelligent (AI) Network Integration

AI workload Optimization

AI Disaster Recovery and Distributed Alternates.


IOSD development and support services are delivered in multiple strategic areas; AI Library and Storage Management, AI Network Management, AI Data Center Operations and AI Security Systems.

Since 1997 IOSD has quietly become an authority in the development of self-learning Knowledge Based AI Systems, these systems translate into Virtual AI Development Objects that deliver complex projects and analysis at lightning speed, these same projects using typical project management and development methodologies with human programmers would normally take hundreds if not thousands of hours to complete and in the end users and stakeholders are not satisfied with the net result(s).




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